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Motivation: Because We All Need Some


One of my all-time favorite sagas is Rocky but my favorite is Rocky IV. I was sitting around with the boys this morning talking about Mozart (I don’t even remember how that conversation started) when I opened YouTube to find the Falco song “Rock Me Amadeus” for my oldest. Because this song was released in the mid-80’s, YouTube so graciously showed similar videos and some of them were from the Rocky movies. Needless to say, I watched them and realized something.

Training for a fight is no different than losing weight. Both involve hard word, dedication, determination, and blood, sweat and tears. Every time I hear a song from the Rocky soundtrack, I’m instantly taken to that part of the film (no matter which one it is) and I find myself getting excited (hey, don’t judge me). Anyway, as I’m watching each video this morning, I realize that these songs provide motivation for me.

My motivation is so on again, off again with regards to weight loss. I’m confident in almost every other part of my life and it’s frustrating that my motivation wanes so much when it comes to weight loss.

So, without further adieu, here are the ones that inspire me the most.


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Goal Reached!

Goal Reached

When I first began this journey, I set a goal of getting below 252 pounds. The last time I was under 252 pounds, I was 21; that was 14 years ago! I’ve been so focused on eating right, taking my meds, and exercising that I haven’t done much else for myself. But, I decided that once I hit my first goal, I would treat myself to something new, different, and exciting.

After thinking about it for a while, I went to Pinterest to get some ideas on what I could do. After a few minutes, I had it! Once I achieved my goal, I decided I was going to get new hair. That’s right – I got new hair! I got my new hair yesterday and I love it! The color is black cherry and dark brown and it’s beautiful! The cut compliments my face and I feel amazing.

I reached my goal last Friday and went shopping for my new colors on Sunday. I’m so fortunate to be friends with an amazing stylist who never ceases to amaze me. She totally rocks hair and she always makes me feel beautiful. I’m going to see if I get some better photos later today that really show off the true color of my new hair.

The biggest thing about this isn’t my new look – it’s that I hit my goal! I’m finally under 252 after 14 years! How freakin’ great is that?! I’ve set another goal for myself but I haven’t figured out what my reward will be but I know it won’t be food. Maybe it’ll be clothes – ugh – I hate shopping for clothes. But, that’s another post for another day.

I’d love to hear what your goals are so feel free to comment below. It just might help hold you accountable, too!

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Is Weight Loss a Mental or Physical Struggle?

Is Weight Loss a Mental or Physical Struggle

BOTH! I think weight loss is more mental than physical. The workouts are physically demanding, but it’s your mind that keeps you from doing it. It’s so easy to put it off until another time and never go back to it. Our bodies were made to be in motion; that’s why we have legs. 😉 It’s our minds that keep us from achieving our goals.

My mind is no longer going to get in the way of whatever it is I want. I’m tired of feeling sick and tired and I’m not going to allow it any more. Each day, I set out to practice eat the frog, but I’m still struggling with that. I consider myself to be a fairly organized and productive person but I still haven’t been able to get a firm grasp of this exercise thing.

Yes, I’m physically capable of exercising so this is more of a mental struggle for me. My mind knows that I have to exercise if I’m ever going to reach my goals but then it talks me out of it. Negative self-talk is a bitch but I’m not going to let it get the best of me.

I tell ya, I don’t have any issues walking with friends when we hit the trails in the morning. It’s just when I don’t have anyone to walk with that I end up sitting on my ass all day. I’ve attempted to do workouts at home via YouTube but it doesn’t take long before I talk myself out of them. Even the beginner workouts are difficult and, instead of pushing through it, I turn it off.

Weight loss is a struggle no matter how you look at it. It’s up to you to determine whether or not it’s worth the struggle. I’m to the point where I no longer have a choice; I just want to get my mind in sync with the rest of me. Well, I know what my next therapy session is going to be about.

I don't want to be skinny

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New Find: FitStar

FitStarI was on FitBit’s Facebook page the other day because the app was acting kinda funky on my phone. While I was there, I ran across a post they shared from FitStar so I had to check it out. After looking around for a few minutes, I realized that I had to become a member of this awesome movement. So, I signed up for the basic (free) account.

I finally took the fitness test on Wednesday and I was really surprised. I felt every exercise included! For this reason, I decided to poke around the site a little more to check out the other workouts. Man, I’m so excited to use this app! FitStar is available online via computer or on iPad and iPhone. I’ve been using it on my computer but I’m definitely installing it on my iPad and iPhone for when I’m not home.

I’ll also be upgrading to the premium plan once I see that I’m using it regularly. I don’t want to pay for it now and not use it (you know, the whole wasteful thing). Anyway, the premium plan is either $7.99/month or $39.99/year. If you sign up, be sure to use my referral code (IKRM1Y) and we’ll both get a month free! Follow the instructions below to redeem your free month.

FitStar Referral Code

What have you got to lose by signing up for the basic plan? Nothing! Sign up today and get your ass off the couch. And, because this is a mobile app, there are no excuses for you not to exercise. It’s a win-win for you despite how you feel about exercise right now.

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How My FitBit Motivates Me

How My FitBit Motivates MeAbout a year ago, I saw a segment on The Today Show about fitness trackers. They claimed that they make people gain weight instead of motivating them to lose it. Well, I have to say that my FitBit motivates me every single day in one way or another.

Before I get into how I’m motivated by my FitBit, here’s the video I was talking about.


I participate in a weekly challenge and a weekend challenge so I’m always competing against other FitBit users to see who can get the most steps. Believe it or not, I’m a very competitive person so I don’t like losing. When I first started this journey a few months ago, I was coming in last but I’m not anymore. I’m not coming in first place….yet….but I’m working my way to the top of the leader board!

FitBit Challenges

All the Pretty Colors

This one is kinda stupid, but I love seeing the colors change on my dashboard. When the colors change, I know I’m making progress and that makes me happy. I want to see the colors change. Sometimes that means stepping up my game, which is ok, because it benefits me.


I love collecting all the badges I earn for reaching certain milestones. It’s a visual reminder of how far I’ve come and it also encourages me to beat my best badge. Since I achieved the Sneakers badge for walking 10,000 steps in a day, I’ve set a goal to surpass that by walking 15,000 steps in a day. I haven’t reached that goal yet, obviously, but I’m working on it.

FitBit Badges

So, there you have it. If you don’t have a FitBit, I highly recommend you get one. I’ve managed to talk my mom, sister, and a few friends into getting one and they love it. Not quite as much as I do, but it’s pretty close.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” ~Jim Rohn

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6 Tips to Eat Healthy Without Blowing Your Budget

6 Tips to Eat Healthy Without Blowing Your Budget

I’ve been all over the place learning how to eat healthy but what I really want to know is how to eat healthy on a budget. Because, I’m on a budget. I have a family to feed and, let’s face it, produce isn’t cheap. I love that my kids are into fruits and veggies but that stuff adds up fast. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and decided to write about how I manage to eat healthy on a budget. This is how I do it.

Plan Meals Ahead

I’m one of those people who likes to plan everything. Well, not everything, but most things. I like planning ahead when possible because it’s one less thing I have to worry about. Once a week, the hubs and I sit down and plan out our meals for the week. Then we hit the store and get it done. Not only is this helping me eat healthy on budget but it also cuts down on my husband’s impulse buying. Winning!

Make a List

Never, ever, ever enter a store without a list. If you’ve taken the time to plan your meals, don’t blow it by not buying everything you need for the week. If something isn’t on your list, it doesn’t make it to the cart. It’s just that simple. This should apply to you if you’re trying to eat healthy or not. I love using the signs above the aisles to know what’s on my list. I don’t go down every aisle; just the ones that house the things I need.

Don’t Forget the Calculator

Whether it’s a traditional calculator or on your phone, always have one with you. Be sure to weigh your produce so you can get an accurate price, making sure you’re on budget. You’re really going to be surprised at how little you spend when you plan your meals and stick to your list. We often end up spending more at the store because we’re just throwing things into the cart. Don’t do that!

Use Farmer’s Markets

I love farmer’s markets and local produce stands during the summer months. We don’t have many during the winter, which means I’m dependent on the supermarket for my produce. These places are generally less expensive than grocery stores and you’re helping local farmers instead of big corporations. The best part of these places is that the produce is fresher and not full of chemicals that the stores use to make food look ripe and fresh. No one needs that crap.

Grow a Garden

Growing your own food is a great way to eat healthy without blowing your budget. My husband has a really green thumb and he always makes sure we have a garden each year. We grow everything we can and it’s so much better and cheaper than buying it. Take tomatoes, for example. We grow beef steak tomatoes and spend roughly $10 on plants for the year. Now, think about how many tomatoes you get from the store for $10. We grow everything from asparagus to pumpkins.

Store Food Properly

Nothing is worse than wasting money and, if you don’t store your food properly, that’s what you’re doing. I know you’ve bought produce only to have it go bad on you in just a few days, right? That’s because you’re not storing it properly. I found a great article on how to keep produce fresh, what needs to be refrigerated, and what doesn’t. Give it a read and start enjoying your fruits and veggies more!

Give these tips a try the next time you head out to get groceries and I’m sure you’ll notice a big difference.

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Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar salad is my go-to healthy meal when I don’t know what to cook or I just want something quick. I have a Hamilton Beach 25331 Super Sear 100-Square-Inch Nonstick Indoor Searing Grill and I cook everything I can on it. This dish is super easy to make because there’s only 3 main ingredients and it’s ready to eat in 10 minutes. So much better than any of those nasty microwave “healthy” meals on the market.

A chicken Caesar salad at a restaurant generally has 800 calories. This salad cuts is about half the calories and contains fresher veggies.

Chicken Caesar Salad
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • 4 oz. chicken breast tenderloin
  • 2 Romaine hearts
  • 1 whole tomato
  • Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy seasoning
  • Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb seasoning
  • Olive Oil
  • Kraft Classic Caesar dressing
  1. Marinate the chicken breast tenderloin in olive oil and Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy seasoning for at least 1 hour.
  2. Wash and cut up Romain lettuce hearts. Add to bowl.
  3. Wash and dice tomato. Place in small bowl and season with Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb seasoning before adding to lettuce.
  4. Grill chicken until done (about 10 minutes).
  5. Cut chicken into bite-size pieces and add to bowl.
  6. Toss.
  7. Top with 2 Tbsp. Kraft Classic Caesar dressing.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 Calories: 474.5 Fat: 36.4 Saturated fat: 5.2 Carbohydrates: 13.7 Sugar: 1 Sodium: 721.1 Fiber: 3.4 Protein: 25 Cholesterol: 65

Chicken Caesar Salad

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