Month: September 2015

Motivation: Because We All Need Some

One of my all-time favorite sagas is Rocky but my favorite is Rocky IV. I was sitting around with the boys this morning talking about Mozart (I don’t even remember how that conversation started) when I opened YouTube to find the Falco song “Rock Me Amadeus” for my oldest. Because this song was released in […]

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Goal Reached!

When I first began this journey, I set a goal of getting below 252 pounds. The last time I was under 252 pounds, I was 21; that was 14 years ago! I’ve been so focused on eating right, taking my meds, and exercising that I haven’t done much else for myself. But, I decided that […]

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Is Weight Loss a Mental or Physical Struggle?

BOTH! I think weight loss is more mental than physical. The workouts are physically demanding, but it’s your mind that keeps you from doing it. It’s so easy to put it off until another time and never go back to it. Our bodies were made to be in motion; that’s why we have legs. 😉 […]

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New Find: FitStar

I was on FitBit’s Facebook page the other day because the app was acting kinda funky on my phone. While I was there, I ran across a post they shared from FitStar so I had to check it out. After looking around for a few minutes, I realized that I had to become a member […]

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How My FitBit Motivates Me

About a year ago, I saw a segment on The Today Show about fitness trackers. They claimed that they make people gain weight instead of motivating them to lose it. Well, I have to say that my FitBit motivates me every single day in one way or another. Before I get into how I’m motivated […]

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