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Activity Tracker Printable

Activity Tracker Printable

This activity tracker printable is designed to keep track of all of your walking and running efforts. I haven’t started using this one yet because it’s new, but I’ll definitely start using it very soon. My FitBit Charge HR tracks all of my steps, distance traveled, and calories burned and it syncs to my Lose It! account. But, sometimes, I don’t want to have to pull up an app on my phone to see my progress.

Activity Tracker Printable

So, I made this activity tracker printer for my A5. 🙂 I know it’s like doing twice the work, but, let’s face it, I handle things much better when they’re written down. I’m hoping that this printable will also help me see why I’m not meeting my step goal each day. I can look back in my calendar pages to see what I did each day so I can plan accordingly the next time.

If you’re interested in this free activity tracker printable, click the button below!


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Why You Should Never Reward Yourself with Food

Never Reward Yourself with Food

It used to be that I would reward my weight loss efforts by indulging in a cheat day. That’s all in that past now because I’ve learned to offer myself much better rewards. You shouldn’t reward yourself with food because it is meant to keep us alive; it doesn’t provide any other value other than to sustain life. This was very difficult for me because I love food. I don’t like cooking, but I certainly love eating. Here’s what I’ve learned by rewarding myself with food.

It Thwarts Your Efforts

If you reward yourself with food, it’s not conducive to your weight loss efforts. What does that mean? It means that you’re undoing all of your hard work because you’re participating in a reward that’s simply not good for you. It may seem like a good idea to reward yourself with a cupcake or some other treat, but, believe me when I tell you, it’s not worth it. Do you know how much exercise you have to do to burn off those calories? Forget that!

It Keeps You in a Vicious Cycle

How is rewarding yourself with food any different than emotional eating? It isn’t! If you’re going to be successful, you need to change your entire outlook on food. This is so freakin’ hard to do! Since I was diagnosed with diabetes, I’ve cut a lot of food out of my diet but I kept a few things despite how unhealthy they are.

You’re More Likely to Binge

If you’re going to reward yourself with food, you must keep in mind that you’re more likely to binge. I know I would if I were to reward myself with pizza or anything else for that matter. You can tell yourself that you’re just going to have one of this or one of that, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to stop there. Sugar and all of that other crap have a way of tricking us into eating more than we need. Before you know it, you’ve binged on pizza, cake, cookies, or whatever. Don’t take the chance!

Better Rewards

You definitely need to reward yourself for a job well done; just don’t do it with food. I have my rewards set up in 10-pound increments because that works for me. You have to find out what works best for you and go from there. Here are some ideas for rewards that don’t include undoing all of your hard work:

  • Mani/Pedi
  • Small shopping spree or you know, a trip to Target alone 😉
  • A day off from housework (this is one of my favorites!)
  • Girls day out (with a healthy lunch)
  • Day trip to somewhere new with the family (get them involved as much as possible)

Like I said, you need to create a reward system based on what works for you. These rewards are things that I absolutely love to do so they work for me. I’ve even started to reward myself with a brisk walk/run these days. It’s amazing how awesome exercise makes me feel and I want to feel that every chance I get!

How do you reward yourself?

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Lose It! #MyDayMyWay: My Battle Plan for Thanksgiving

My Battle Plan for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I’m scared. Although this holiday is supposed to be about giving thanks for what we have, we celebrate that by practicing gluttony. Um, yeah, that makes total sense. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, getting together with family, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and enjoying the delicious smells that fill the house. But, there’s something to be said for giving thanks by gorging ourselves. I’ve never really thought about this until now. Perhaps it’s because I can’t eat like I normally would or maybe it’s because my relationship with food has seriously changed. Or, it just very well could be both. Now that I’ve finished with my rant (getting off my soap box now) it’s time I share with you my battle plan for successfully conquering this holiday!

Step 1: Don’t Skip Breakfast

Even though you may be tempted to skip breakfast so you can eat more at dinner, it’s not worth it. Skipping meals sends your body into starvation mode, which causes it to STORE fat. Thanksgiving is just another Thursday but with way more to do. Keep your daily routine the same as much as you possibly can. Last year and all the years before, I didn’t eat breakfast because I was too busy or because I wanted to save my appetite for dinner (which is really a late lunch). I’m not doing that this year. I will eat breakfast like it’s any other day. Everything else can wait 15 minutes. Look at it this way – this year you’re finally giving thanks for yourself by taking care of yourself. breakfast

Step 2: Don’t Sample Everything!

I don’t care how good it smells or how good it’s going to taste, stay away from it! You don’t need to sample everything you’re cooking. You already know what it tastes like so forget the extra calories. If something has to be tasted, have someone else do it.

Step 3: Fill Up Before Dinner

Well, maybe don’t fill up before dinner, but you know what I mean. Before you have dinner, eat a nice, healthy salad or something that’s healthy. I’m going to nosh on a salad before I go to dinner so I’m not tempted to eat a lot. 4.Mengintip-Diet-Unik-Ala-Selebritis-Dunia2

Step 4: Make Dishes You Can Eat

There are many ways to make your favorite dishes healthy so do it! I’ve been experimenting with a healthier version of mac and cheese and I’ll be making a small dish of that for myself. There’s no reason for me to deny myself one of my favorite foods if I don’t have to. We all have our favorite dishes so do some research to find out how you can make yours healthy. Here are a few websites to get you started:

I haven’t made a decision on which macaroni and cheese I’ll be making for Thanksgiving, but I’ll share the recipe with you once I’ve narrowed it down. This Thanksgiving will be done #MyDayMyWay because nothing is going to deter me from reaching my goals! I have two Thanksgiving dinners every year and I would normally eat a charge at each one. This year is going to be completely different because my mindset has definitely changed. Fortunately, my family fully supports me in my journey and that makes it much easier. However, I do have some of those family members who are going to say, “It’s Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday. You can work it off.” Bump that! It’s just another day of food for me. Why? Because I have a goal to become healthy and, by golly, I’m going to reach it! I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! If you do happen to fall off the weight loss wagon, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on that sucker as soon as possible.

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy – I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it. – Art Williams

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October Results + November Changes

October Results + November Changes

October brought some amazing changes for the family and me and I didn’t get thrown off track. The weather finally began to feel like fall, the leaves changed, and the air was turned off until next year. I was really worried about Halloween because I love swiping the Kit Kat bars from the boys’ stash of candy. But, I’m happy to report that I didn’t eat one piece of Halloween candy! Go me!

This month also brought forth the decision of us moving. We’re not moving far, but the process of moving causes me so much stress. You never realize how much crap you accumulate until you have to pack it up. Our house isn’t that big, but you’d think we lived in a 50,000 square foot house. I found stuff I haven’t seen in years! I have quite a few bags to take to Goodwill this week, including clothes that are way too big for me now.

With that said, let’s get to the results for October…

During the 31 days of October, I stepped on the scale every single day. One October 1, I weighed in at 251 pounds. That was a huge milestone for me because I was finally under 252. I haven’t been there in a very long time and I was so happy when I saw a lower number on the scale. I dealt with a lot of ups and downs in October with my weight, but it evened itself out eventually. On the last day of the month, I weighed in at 240.6, which means I lost a total of 12.6 pounds in October.

Now that we’re into November, I’m faced with a whole new set of stressors. There’s finishing the move, Thanksgiving, and decorating and preparing for Christmas. Shew! I’m hoping to be all settled in at the new place no later than this weekend, which will decrease part of my stress. I’m really looking forward to this move because I’ll have more opportunities to get outside and exercise. I also have room for my treadmill and weight machine, which means more options.

Other than getting some exercise in by moving, I’ll also be walking a lot more and even running a bit. I’ll also be incorporating weight training, which will help me tone the muscles I have. Across the road from our new place is a field that has paved streets almost. At one point, a development was going to go in there but, for whatever reason, it hasn’t been built. I’m looking forward to grabbing the dogs, turning on my iTunes walking playlist, and stepping it up. See what I did there? Yeah, bad pun, it’s okay. 😉

What were your October results?

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