Month: July 2016

Summer Reading List


It’s almost August (already!) and I’ve been working on my summer reading list. I haven’t be working on it as diligently as I should have but progress is progress. Each year, I participate in the GoodReads reading challenge, and, unfortunately, I’m way behind. I think I’ve finished one book. Blah… My Summer Reading List I Am […]

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Living with Mental Illness


Mental illness is part of every second of my life. Not only do I suffer from depression and anxiety, my oldest son has ADHD and intermittent explosive disorder (IED), and a good friend has borderline personality disorder (BPD). Living with your own is hard enough. When you add other people’s illnesses, well, that’s a whole […]

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My Horrible Experience with Mirena


Almost 2 years ago (August 2014), I reluctantly decided to have Mirena inserted into my body. I don’t need birth control because I had a tubal ligation almost 10 years ago. So, why did I get Mirena? Well, at the risk of sharing too much, I got it to control my heavy, very heavy, monthly […]


My Morning Routine


Being a freelancer means I have to have dedication and discipline to get my work done throughout the day. It’s up to me to get done what needs to get done every day, and, if I don’t, there’s hell to pay. I still have deadlines to meet, a business to run, and a family to […]

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