This activity tracker printable is designed to keep track of all of your walking and running efforts. I haven’t started using this one yet because it’s new, but I’ll definitely start using it very soon. My FitBit Charge HR tracks all of my steps, distance traveled, and calories burned and it syncs to my Lose It! account. But, sometimes, I don’t want to have to pull up an app on my phone to see my progress.

Activity Tracker Printable

So, I made this activity tracker printer for my A5. 🙂 I know it’s like doing twice the work, but, let’s face it, I handle things much better when they’re written down. I’m hoping that this printable will also help me see why I’m not meeting my step goal each day. I can look back in my calendar pages to see what I did each day so I can plan accordingly the next time.

If you’re interested in this free activity tracker printable, click the button below!