August ResultsI was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a month ago and I kicked it into high gear to get the weight off. I started by being much more aware of the food I was eating and making some small changes. I went to whole grain everything and upped my intake of fruits and veggies.

I haven’t done much exercise because I’ve been focused on my food. I’m working on one thing at a time so that I can make sure I’m comfortable with that before moving on to something else. But, I have been moving a lot more. I bought the FitBit Charge HR and I’ve set my step goal to 5,000. That may not seem like a lot, and it may not be to you, but, for me, it’s a big improvement.

As a freelancer, I generally sit for hours upon hours a day at my computer working on tasks for my clients. I used to eat lunch at my desk, too, but I don’t do that anymore. Anyway, I’ve started moving a lot more than I did before I was diagnosed. Before, I was lucky to log 1,000 steps a day so, you see, 5,000 is a big difference.

I’ve also gone hiking a few times and I’ve dusted off my recumbent bike, and I’ve stocked my YouTube watch later playlist with some awesome workout videos. But, that’s the extent of my exercise….so far.

August Results

So, now that you know all that I’ve done it’s time to reveal the results for the month. Drum roll please……..

I lost 17 pounds in August! That’s right – 17 whole pounds. My starting weight was 278 (July 27) and my weight, as of August 31, is 261. I’ve gone down one dress size in a month, making all of my clothes too big.

Changes for September

I’m fairly comfortable with my food now so it’s time to incorporate regular exercise. It’s perfect timing, if you think about it, because the weather should be getting cooler as the month goes on. Just because this week is going to feel 200 degrees, doesn’t mean that the whole month is going to feel like that. I’m anxious to grab Digger and head out for a nice walk in the mornings after the kids head off to school. Speaking of Digger, here’s one of my partners in crime.

My min pin & baby boy, Digger.

Before I can take him out on the town, I need to buy him a new harness because he’s outgrown is old one. This boy is all muscle and there’s no way I’m walking him without a harness. Digger likes to walk really fast and he loves to run, so that’s really good for me. I’m also going to get back into walking the local trails this month.

What are your fitness plans for September?

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