Bloating Blows

Being a woman means bloating at least once a month. Well, that just blows! But, this is why I weigh myself daily. I can see, in another way, when my body is retaining water. It doesn’t make it any easier to accept but at least I know exactly why I’ve gained weight. It’s not exactly weight; it’s just water, but it makes me feel like I’ve been on a binge.

I basically have 2 bloat-free weeks per month and I must be on point every single day every month. I didn’t think I’d still have these symptoms since I no longer have a period but I was SO wrong. I have every single symptom without the main event. There should be a rule that says if there’s no period, there are no other symptoms. At least before, I knew what to expect. Now, well, there’s just so reason for the bloating.

The past couple of months have taught me one thing – no matter what I do, my weight is always going to go up and down. I have to learn how to let it go and not let it get to me. This is exactly why I truly believe weight is more of a mental struggle than a physical one. Even though I know that my weight gain is only compliments of bloating, it’s still very difficult to see the scale go in the wrong direction.

So, what have I done about it?

Well, there’s not much I can do about bloating. It happens and, no matter how hard I try, I can’t prevent it. The only thing I can do about it is to deal with it. I’ve started to increase my water intake during this time, too, because water decreases water retention.

I’d love to hear how you handle water retention so feel free to share in the comments below.