Last summer, I was left unsupervised with my credit cards and infomercials. I saw an infomercial for Bye Bye Foundation by IT Cosmetics. What made me pull the the trigger on purchasing this product was the demonstration with the orange. You know, an orange peel is rough and very closely resembles my face due to the acne scarring and pock marks. Basically, my cheeks look just like an orange peel. I was very impressed with the coverage that appeared to happen right before my eyes. So, I open my browser and ordered it with a swiftness!

It arrived less than a week later, which further impressed me because it came via postal mail. I was so excited when it was delivered and I couldn’t wait to use it. Oh wait….let me go back a minute. I also really liked the fact that the foundation contained moisturizer and SPF. I was looking forward to skipping a few steps in my morning routine. Ok, so, anyway…

When it was delivered, I immediately washed my face and applied it. Talk about disappointing! First of all, this stuff is really thick so it doesn’t take a lot. But, it doesn’t cover my scars or pock marks like it did with that damn orange on television. I didn’t give up – I used it every day for about a week, hoping to get the results that were advertised. I didn’t. Check out the before and after below.

Bye Bye Foundation Before and After

I didn’t notice a positive difference while using this product. I watched a few reviews on YouTube and people were layering this crap on their face. Like I said, this stuff is thick and I wasn’t about to layer it because I didn’t want it to get cakey. I hardly use this product anymore because it’s not worth it. I’d much rather use my Garnier BB cream with SPF. The Bye Bye Foundation was $65 and the Garnier was like $8.00. The coverage is the same and I can buy way more tubes of Garnier for the same price as the foundation.


I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone because it doesn’t do what it claims to do. It’s also very pricey. If I’m going to spend that kind of money on cosmetics, it better work! If you don’t have many blemishes or scars, this may work for you. The formula is pretty thick, which kinda makes you believe it’s going to provide the coverage it claims, but it doesn’t. Save your $65 (for just the foundation – not the “introductory kit”) or spend it on a few of your favorite products.

Bye Bye Foundation Review pin