It’s no secret that I love coffee; I drink it all the time. But, because I wanted to incorporate more protein into my diet, I thought that protein powder was a good place to start. I mean, c’mon, there’s only so much chicken a person can eat, ya know?! A few weeks ago, I bought some Quest chocolate protein powder while I was in Walmart. On the way home, I was thinking of how I could mix this up so it would taste good. Fortunately, that container of powder had a little recipe booklet attached to the top. I perused it when I got home and came up with the idea of blending it with coffee and ice. When I first started out, I was adding 2 tablespoons of sugar-free caramel syrup to it, trying to get it to taste similar to my Dunkin’ coffee. After one or two times, the caramel syrup went away and I was left with ice, my powder, and my coffee.

The Numbers

I make this shake for my morning snack because it’s after a workout. Here are the numbers, per shake:

  • 112 calories
  • 23.2 g protein
  • 174.1 mg sodium
  • 4 g carbs
  • 2 g fiber
  • 1 g sugar

How to Make

This is the easiest shake to make! The amount you’ll have depends on how much ice you use. I don’t measure my ice and I’ve started using my blender instead of my single serve blender thing. Here’s how I make it:

  • 1 scoop protein powder (put in blender first)
  • Add coffee (hot or cold) – I use the middle button on my Keurig and brew 1 regular k cup and 1 “turbo” k cup
  • Add ice
  • Blend until smooth

Since I don’t measure my ice, I usually have enough for 2 glasses of this delicousness, and I suck ’em down quick, believe me! My blender is usually about half full by the mix I start mixing. Here’s the really great part – I feel like I get more because I use more ice! One serving of protein powder at 110 calories gives me 2 full glasses of shake. It’s all a mental thing, you see. If you think you have more, you’re less likely to overdo it. Ice is just frozen water so there are no calories! Sometimes, I make 2 of these a day. So, that’s 4 glasses of shake on those days. It’s chocolate and coffee – what’s not to love?!

This coffee protein shake is the perfect 100 calorie (ok, well 112 calorie) snack that helps build muscle and keep you full. Do you have a favorite protein shake? Comment below so I can try ’em out!