Y’all know that I’m a planner junkie and I’m never without my Filofax. I’m often asked a lot of questions about it when I’m out about how I use it, if I decorate it, and so on. I’m never at a loss for words when it comes to “my book” and I’m always excited when someone asks me about it. Now that I’m back to losing weight, I’ve been asked how it helps me with that and I thought I’d share my answer with the world. Does planning help with weight loss? You bet your ass it does and here’s how!

Stay on Track

I use my Filofax for every thing under the sun, including staying on track with my weight loss. For me, I have to write everything down in order for it to get done. When it’s written down and I get to check it off, I feel so accomplished and eager to get more done. This helps me stay on track with everything I need to. Although I log my food in the LoseIt app, I still use my Filofax to write certain things down regarding food. Keep reading to find out what those are.

Meal Planning

Once a week, I sit down with the hubs and plan our meals. I have to do this twice most times because of the differences in how I eat these days. There are a ton of meal planning printables available on Pinterest you can use as your meal planner or get ideas from to create your own. When I first started meal planning, I used some pages I bought from Target (gotta love the dollar spot!).

Target Dollar Spot Meal Planner

When I was using this, the hubs and I sat down on Sundays and planned out our dinners. Since he works long hours and the kid is in school, dinner is the only family meal (during the week) I need to plan out. For me, however, I plan out all 3 meals.

This worked out very well for me when I was using the week on 2 pages inserts, but, now that I’m using the day one 1 page inserts again, I needed to make a change. I now write my meals done on my day on 1 page inserts to keep everything in one place.

Daily Meal Plan

Track activity

I’m not big on decorating my inserts or using stickers, except when it comes to tracking my activity. I bought some small heart stickers from Amazon a while ago that I use to indicate when I worked out. I don’t put these on my daily pages; I use them on my month on 2 pages. This allows me to see, at a glance, how I’m doing with activity for the month. My daily pages is where I write down what activity I’m going to do. For instance, when the weather is nice, I go on a 2 mile walk outside. Instead of writing “workout” on my daily page, I’ll write “2 mi walk”. If we all do something active as a family, I write that down, too.

More Organized

Being organized is huge for me because I always have so much going on. My Filofax is where I write down everything I need, want, and have to do on a daily basis. I write all appointments down on the month on 2 pages insert and on the daily page of the appointment. My monthly view is used for setting appointments so I need to write them on the daily page as well or I’ll forget all about them. It may seem like I’m doing extra work but it works for me. I know who has what going on at any given time and that makes me happy!

Held accountable

If there’s ever a day when I ate terribly or I didn’t get in any activity, I always go back to my Filofax to find out what happened. I try to keep these days to a minimum but they still happen sometimes. If I’m out all day with appointments and running errands, I know that I need to plan ahead and pack a lunch, throw some snacks in my bag, and figure out how to get in the activity I need. I really don’t like leaving tasks unchecked in my book, so I do everything I can to do everything I’ve written down. Even if I don’t feel like it, I get it done…most of the time.

Do you still thinking planning doesn’t help with weight loss? Planning is an essential part of my life; without it I would probably be sitting on the couch, staring into space. You need to find out what works for you and run with it. Need help or advice? Contact me today and I’ll help you get on the right track!

Does Planning Help with Weight Loss? Learn how functional planning can help you achieve your weight loss goals.