WARNING: This post contains strong language.

Fat shaming is making the news more and more lately and I just don’t get it. The latest was that beautiful girl posing for photos before her prom. Some dumb ass had the nerve to call her fat. Well, I’ve got news for ya, people can lose weight but you can’t fix stupid.

Here’s what pisses me off – grown adults are tormenting children on social media. Where the fuck do these bitches get off talking to children like that?!

I’ve lost almost 80 pounds and I still have fat. Guess what? We ALL have fat but it doesn’t make us fat. I’m sick to death of seeing and hearing people judging other people. If these people would pay attention to their own flaws instead of pointing out the flaws in others, their lives would be so much better.

I’ve been teased for a long time about being “fat” and, honestly, it used to bother me…a lot. As a 37-year-old grown up, I don’t give a shit anymore. Fat isn’t the worst thing I’ve been called. I’m so sick and tired of people judging other people. If you don’t know me there’s no way in hell you can have a problem with me. It’s that simple.

So, here’s what I believe – those people who are so busy body shaming other people are ignorant. I say “fuck ’em” and keep it moving!