How many of you have a favorite app, or two? Not unlike most of you, I have quite a few apps installed on my iPhone but I do have my favorites. Of course, I have my apps organized in folders on my home screen, but one folder is my favorite. No, it’s not my social media folder…it’s my health folder. That folder houses the health apps I’ll never go without.

Lose It! 

This is the app I use to log all of my food and weight. I’ve tried a lot of apps in the past but Lose It! is my favorite by far. I love the interface, the bar code scanner, the dining out options, and so much more. I love it so much, I’ve been a premium member ($29.99/year) for almost 3 years! With the latest app update, there are themes so you can change the look and there’s Snap It! which allows you to take a photo of your food to add it to your log. This is still in beta, however. I haven’t used this feature so I don’t know how accurate it is.

I don’t log any of my exercise in this app because I wear a FitBit that tracks all of my activity. My FitBit syncs with Lose It! so there’s nothing for me to do. As long as my FitBit is charged and working properly, the apps take care of the rest.

The only feature I wish this app had is a water tracker. I like tapping on glasses to log my water instead of having to add it as a menu item. But, I can deal with it now.


I’ve been using FitBit for a number of years now and I love it. I don’t use the app for logging food because that’s what Lose It! is for. But, I do log my water intake here. Why? It has the glasses I just tap! 🙂 I log my weight here and, of course, my activity is already tracked. I also participate in challenges to see who can get the most steps. Those help me tremendously to get in more steps than I normally would. Since this app is connected to my Lose It! app, all of the food I log is transferred to FitBit. I use the free version of this app because, in my opinion, paying for it isn’t worth it. The free version does everything I need. I’m currently using the Blaze but I want to get the Charge 2. It’s much smaller and more feminine for me. I’ll give my Blaze to the hubs so he can track his activity while he’s at work.

You would think that all fitness apps would be the same as far as your daily calorie intake is concerned, but they’re not. Lose It! and FitBit give me different amounts per day. It could be confusing if I put any thought into it, but, since I use Lose It! for my food, I don’t worry too much about what FitBit says. I do try not to go over what it says, just to be safe.


This isn’t an app I use daily or even regularly, unless we’re in warmer weather. I use this app for tracking my walks, runs, and hikes outdoors. I don’t log any of this information anywhere and this app isn’t connected to any of my other apps; I just like seeing the miles per outing and the GPS of my activity. If I’m alone or walking with my Digger, I’ll stream my music through the app.

No matter what kind of device I use, I’ll always have these apps installed. They’re available on Apple and Android so there’s no excuse not to use them. I’d love to know what your favorite apps are. Comment below to tell me!


My Favorite Health Apps