Easter is just around the corner, which means chocolate and candy out the wazoo! What better time to tell you all about how I manage my cravings than now? My mouth is already watering for that white chocolate bunny that I usually get from the hubs, but, this year, is different. I don’t want that bunny because there’s absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. So, how do I manage cravings?


I’ve always had a raging sweet tooth that I never thought I’d ever curb. But, I’ve learned quite a few things about myself during this journey. I always keep healthy snack in the house now and I’ve noticed my cravings aren’t the same. When I want something sweet, usually after dinner, my go-to is a Healthy Choice fudge bar. They’re 100 calories and there’s a lot to eat. Now that it’s getting warmer outside, ice cream is a great treat. I also love the Yasso mint chocolate chip Greek yogurt ice cream bars.

Another sweet option is pretty much anything by Atkins. I’m currently loving the coconut bars and peanut butter cups. It’s so hard to limit myself to one serving because they’re so good, but I do it. I try to stay away from snacks that have a lot of salt and sugar because I don’t need either of those.


Every so often I crave salty snacks but nowhere near as much as I used to. When I do, I head straight for my cashews. They’re an excellent source of protein and a serving is 1/4 cup. That may not seem like much but it’s just right (HA! That’s probably why it’s a serving size). When I don’t have cashews, I grab some veggies and the Opa Greek Yogurt ranch dip (2 Tbsp is a serving and only 60 calories!). While the veggies aren’t salty, the amount of sodium in the dip does the trick for me. My favorite is celery and I don’t eat the entire serving of the dip. When I have sliced cucumbers, however, I have to use the dip sparingly.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been craving healthy foods lately. I actually had to go out the other day and buy celery because I was craving it. I never thought I’d have cravings like that!

How do you manage cravings?


How I Manage Cravings - Learn how I manage my cravings while living a healthy lifestyle!