How I Organize My EmailEmail is used all day, every day so it’s important for it to be as organized as possible. I use Gmail for everything because it’s much more convenient and super easy to use. It’s also a breeze to incorporate your WiseStamp email signature. Here’s how I organize my email.

Multiple Inboxes

I love this feature and don’t know what I did before it was available! I currently use an inbox for each client so I’m sure not to miss anything. I have each additional inbox set up above the actual inbox. I do this so that I don’t get distracted by my entire inbox before handling any client work. My clients come first and this just helps reinforce that.


I have a label created for everything…..and I mean everything. Each client has multiple labels to keep everything organized. In order for the multiple inboxes to work, you need to create a label and assign it to an inbox. Each of my inboxes has a label of Client Name – OPEN and each client has his/her own color. From there, I have Client Name – Complete nested under the Client Name – OPEN label. Of course, all completed client work is filed under the appropriate label.


When the mood strikes me, I’ll use Sortd for notes and whatnot. It’s more of a pain in the neck than anything but it does help me when it comes to making notes on emails. I’d love for Gmail to incorporate this feature itself but, until it does, this will have to do. I love the notes and reminder features because it keeps me on my toes. But, I don’t like how it categorizes my email. Messages I’ve moved to the Client Name – Complete folder come up in client list inbox, which is frustrating because I have to move them again.

Keeping your email organized is one way to make sure your business is organized, but don’t stop there. Once you have your email under control, you can move on to organizing other aspects of your business. Email should be one of your top priorities especially if that’s your main mode of communication.

Share your inbox organization tips below!


How I Organize My Email