What I Learned from my First Fitness Challenge

A few months ago, I created my first 30 day fitness challenge in the hopes of changing up my exercise routine. I soured Pinterest for ideas and settled on one that included squats, push ups, and crunches. For whatever reason, I didn’t really pay attention to the numbers when I was typing up this challenge and was very surprised when I finally noticed that day 30 called for 200 squats and 100 crunches. How was I going to do that?!

Once I got over the amount of squats and crunches that were required on the last day of the challenge, I put it out of my mind. I started the challenge and did everything that was required each and every day. The first rest day was on day 5 and I was surprised that I wasn’t sore. My legs and abs weren’t sore at all, which left me wondering if this was really working.

By day 15, I was starting to see results. My legs were getting stronger and leaner and my butt was starting to be defined. I was so exited! This day called for 100 squats, 65 crunches, and 13 pushups. It was on this day that I realized that I could make it to the end. I was halfway there and already doing 100 squats!

When I hit day 26, I was starting to get really nervous about completing it. This day called for 175 squats and that number is very intimidating. I did have to stop for a second to rest but I tried to get at least 100 squats done before I stopped.

When day 30 came, I was seriously nervous. That negative self-talk wanted to start telling me that I couldn’t do it. But, I shut it down and got it done. I completed 200 squats, 100 crunches, and 40 pushups! To say I was proud of myself would be a gross understatement. I was over the moon!

That’s when I learned that weight loss and exercise is body over mind. It’s such a powerful realization for me, and, hopefully, for you, too. Your mind is always going to try to talk out of things. Why? Because there’s a part of our brain that just doesn’t like change. It gets scared and just wants to go back to the way things used to be. In the coaching biz, we refer to this part of the brain as the “critter brain”.

It’s skittish and scares very easily. And, let’s face it, change, of any kind, is scary. It’s this critter brain that often keeps us from making lasting changes. How many times have you started on a journey, done well for about 2 weeks, and then went right back to how things used to be? That’s all because you gave in to your critter brain. Ignoring your mind is very difficult to do and takes a lot of patience and self-assurance. But, it’s so important that you tell it to shut up and keep going on your journey.

There’s a new challenge starting October 1 and I’d love for you to join me. Working together is a great way to hold yourself accountable and get the support and motivation you need to keep going. The details will be in my next blog post so stay tuned!