Monthly Bill Tracker Printable

As a wife, mother, and freelancer, it’s important for me to keep a very close eye on our finances. I’ve pinned so many great things on Pinterest to help me keep that close eye but there is always something I’m not overly fond of. So, instead, I created my own monthly bill tracker printable insert.

I created a master list of all of our bills to keep in my finance section and I love it, but it’s not working for me by itself. I found myself wanting to check off the bills that I paid on this list and that’s not what it’s for.

Bills Master List

So, I needed something that would allow me to check off when I paid each bill every month. I created the monthly bill tracker insert using Word and Excel (gotta love that insert object option). That’s why I created this printable. It’s designed in landscape format so that everything would fit nicely on one page.

This printable insert is for the A5 Filofax and is available for free download! Enjoy!