Making a Murderer

Spolier! Don’t be mad if you read this without watching the series.WARNING

Like millions of others, I’ve become obsessed with the Netflix documentary ‘Making a Murderer’. It draws you in from the first second and keeps you wanting more. Yes, it’s a one-sided portrayal of what’s happened to Steven Avery, but it’s not something you can easily pull away from.

I hadn’t heard of this until about a week or so ago (I guess I was living under a rock), but, now, I can’t get enough. I’ve become full on obsessed with this case! I’ve been watching and reading everything I can just to make sense of it.

I’m left with more questions than answers and I’m not alone. My Facebook community is just as perturbed about it as I am. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of concrete evidence in this case. I don’t see how the jury could have convicted either of them, but that’s my opinion.

I read an article by Donnie Wahlberg about the similarities between this case and the OJ Simpson case. I remember that case very well despite my age at the time. How could anyone not remember that case? First of all, contrary to this article, I don’t see how these cases are similar to each other in the least. Wahlberg also stated that people thought OJ was guilty because he’s black and people think Avery is not guilty because he’s white. Well, psssh on that! Conversely, one could state that OJ was acquitted because he’s black while Avery was found guilty because he’s white. But, I’m not getting into a discussion on race here.

The Steven Avery case hasn’t answered any questions; it’s posed more. I want to know how the police know, without a doubt, that Teresa Halbach was sexually assaulted. I’m not in a position to say she was or she wasn’t and neither are they. We do know that all that was found of her were her bones, and, correct me if I’m wrong, bones don’t determine whether or not anyone has been sexually assaulted. Where is all the blood from the crime? Let’s be real – Steven Avery isn’t someone who keeps his home immaculate. There’s no way in hell he could’ve cleaned up all that blood!

And, what about poor Brendan Dassey? It’s quite obvious that this kid wasn’t fully aware of what was going on. He was also found guilty of mutilation of a corpse while Steven was found innocent of that charge. How does that make sense? His account of what allegedly happened to Halbach has changed more times than I can count, but his recollection of what he actually did that day hasn’t changed at all.

This whole case has me befuddled to no end and it’s just not right. I don’t see how Avery or Dassey had a fair trial and here’s why:

  1. Change of venue to Calumet Co but jurors were from Manitowoc Co.
  2. Manitowoc Co police weren’t supposed to be involved in the investigation but they’re the ones who found the damning evidence

If that’s not enough to warrant a new trial, what is? I don’t understand, for the life of me, why this entire town is out to get this one family, and maybe they aren’t. We’ll never really know. I find it ironic that Halbach’s ex-boyfriend was the one to lead the search but he wasn’t present during the trial. I’m not saying he’s guilty, but it’s kinda funny he wasn’t there to see how things played out. And, what about her roommate who failed to report Halbach missing?

This man was already convicted once of a crime he didn’t commit and spent 18 years of his life in prison. During that time, he lost his wife and children. That’s not to say he’s 100% innocent of this crime, however. I just don’t believe he did it. There are too many questions left unanswered and I don’t see how any jury could have reached a guilty verdict in good conscience. I hope those people are able to sleep at night.

One thing about it; we’ll all meet our maker one of these days, no matter what you believe, and we’ll be held accountable for what we’ve done or what we haven’t done here on Earth. I’m not saying that Avery and Dassey are guilty or not guilty; I’m saying that there are more questions than answers and I don’t understand how a guilty verdict could have been reached.

What’s your take on ‘Making a Murderer’? Comment below!