I was super excited when FitBit announced the release of the FitBit Blaze. Not only does the battery last longer than any other FitBit, but there are on-screen workouts from FitStar! I wrote about this awesome find way back in September and I still find it super cool! In fact, I subscribed for a year just a few weeks ago because I wanted more. My FitBit Blaze was delivered last week and I’ve been getting to know it – inside and out!

Oh my! It’s beautiful and it has restored my #motivation. Let’s get it! #weightloss #fitness #fitbitblaze #FitBit

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I went back and forth on the purchase of this FitBit Blaze because of the cost. But, after running the numbers quite a few times, I decided to go for it. It was my gift to myself for losing more than 60 pounds. I deserved it! Last week, before it arrived, I hurt my back by working from the chair in the living room. So, I wasn’t able to use it when it got here. Not for tracking exercise anyway. Believe me, I put that sucker on as soon as it was setup!

It took about a week for my back to heal, which felt like forever, but I’m back at it. When it got here, I felt renewed motivation run through me. I couldn’t wait to show it off!

What Do I Like About the FitBit Blaze?


It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be but it’s not a bad thing. The first thing I had to do was turn off the call and text notifications. My phone is rarely quiet and I didn’t want to have to charge it every day. Besides, I’m never really far from my phone (unless I have to be) so it was pointless to have those features active. I’ll turn them back on when I need to, like when I’m in session with my therapist or at an appointment; just so I don’t miss anything that may be important.

Anyway, moving on. The band is made of different material than my ChargeHR, which is good because it was starting to irritate my skin. Unlike the ChargeHR, though, you can get different bands for it, which is awesome! I love that I can see everything on one screen instead of having to tap or press a button to see all of my stats for the day. Not that it takes a lot of time to do it, but it just makes things more efficient for me to have everything on one screen.

It also tracks your workouts and you can set the workout you’re doing from the device. For example, you can choose either running, biking, weights, treadmill, elliptical, or workout before you get started. With my ChargeHR, it would log my run/walks as being on the elliptical instead of walking or running. I guess it really doesn’t matter but it always bugged me that my workouts weren’t logged properly.

If you feel like joining me on this never-ending journey to good health, by all means do! Here’s how:

FitBit Lose It!