Should You Have a Workout Buddy

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve been learning everything I can about weight loss and how to build accountability. One article suggested a workout buddy to build support and accountability. I thought this was a great idea but there is one caveat – your workout buddy should just as motivated, if not more so, than you are.

Because I’m in this for the long haul, there are a few specific things I look for in a workout buddy.

  • Is this person motivated?
  • Is this person going to take this seriously?
  • Do we have anything in common to talk about?
  • Will this person provide support?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no” I don’t consider them to be a suitable workout buddy. Why? If the person isn’t motivated neither of us will get anything out of the workout. If there’s no motivation, there’s no momentum to build. I know that I need people to push me to do better than I’ve been doing. Although I don’t depend on others to push me, it’s certainly nice to have it as an added incentive.

For me, if I’m working out with someone, I want to have things to talk about. It helps to pass the time, making the workout seem to fly by. If we don’t have anything in common, the workout seems to take longer and it’s just not as much fun. A workout doesn’t have to be boring so don’t workout with anyone you don’t have anything in common with.

If you can’t find a workout buddy who fits you, don’t be afraid to do it alone. There are times when I actually prefer to workout alone; just me and my iTunes playlist. There’s something soothing about being outside alone in the crisp, cool air walking or running to your favorite tunes. Time seems to slip away and, before you know it, an hour has passed. You can also count your furry friends as workout buddies, too! They love going for walks and it’s good for them to get exercise.

If you’re thinking of working out with a buddy, be sure you find one who fits you. And, remember, a workout buddy isn’t there just to help you; you have to help them as well. It’s a give and take relationship so make sure you’re giving motivation and support, too.

What do you look for in a workout buddy?