social media

Social media is a hot commodity these days with everyone fighting to be seen and heard. But, if you’re a small business owner, you just might be going about it the wrong way.

You’re a small business owner who realizes that social media is important. So, you start posting yourself only to quickly realize you just can’t keep up. You’re not an expert and don’t know the ins and outs of marketing to make it effective. You’re sharing random posts, being inconsistent, and not posting at the right time. Many small business owners concentrate mainly on pushing their own content, which isn’t good business.

Here’s the thing – social media is meant to be social. Stop pushing your own content all the time. Your fans/followers are less likely to engage with your content that way. Yes, it’s important to share your own content with your audience, but not all the time. How do you avoid this? Easy – create and follow a schedule. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; it just has to get the job done. Or, better yet, hire a social media manager to do the work for you. They are, after all, an expert in their field.

Anyway, getting back to the issue. If you’re not¬†engaging with your fans/followers otherwise your efforts are wasted. If no one is engaging with the content you share, who are you sharing it for? You must always keep your audience in mind when sharing content on social media.

Each network is different and has different requirements. Take Twitter, for instance. There’s a 140 character limit…characters, not letters. This means that spaces and punctuation counts. Facebook, however, doesn’t have much of a limit. You can pretty much write as much as you want, but is that effective? No.

The point is, you’ve got to be social on Facebook. I’m not saying to post your personal life for the world to see, but you have to find ways to engage your audience. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute because you’re also a consumer. I’m sure you follow certain brands on social, like Target, Wal-Mart, or your favorite sports team. They ask questions to get folks talking on their posts, especially on Facebook.

If you’re having trouble with your social media or just simply don’t have the time necessary to devote to it, it’s time to hire an expert to help you. You’re missing out on some huge opportunities and that’s never good for business.