It’s almost August (already!) and I’ve been working on my summer reading list. I haven’t be working on it as diligently as I should have but progress is progress. Each year, I¬†participate in the GoodReads reading challenge, and, unfortunately, I’m way behind. I think I’ve finished one book. Blah…

My Summer Reading List

I Am That Girl* by Alexis Jones
Living Successfully with Screwed Up People by Elizabeth B. Brown
A Family Affair: The Wish by Mary Campisi

Yep, there’s only 3 books on this list because summer, for me, is all about the pool. I wish I could read while in the pool but that’s not possible with my guys.

Reading is one of those activities that I don’t get to do very often. I’m starting to make more time for it because it’s something I truly enjoy. My goal is to create a reading list for each season with just a few books so that I can enjoy one of my favorite activities.

What’s on your summer reading list?

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