My Morning Routine


Being a freelancer means I have to have dedication and discipline to get my work done throughout the day. It’s up to me to get done what needs to get done every day, and, if I don’t, there’s hell to pay. I still have deadlines to meet, a business to run, and a family to […]

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What You Need to Know About SEO


I work with websites on a daily basis and it still surprises me what people don’t know about SEO. This isn’t the 1990s anymore, folks. What worked back then doesn’t necessarily work today – for good reason. Technology has evolved in the past 20 years (yes, 20 years!) and it’s high time we all caught […]

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I’m a Failure and Why I Don’t Care

Most of us have this innate fear of failure; especially those of us who are Type A personalities. That would be me. But, after the transformation I’ve been on the past few months, I’ve realized I’ve failed more than I’ve succeeded. It’s been brought to my attention, especially in recent weeks, how much of a […]

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4 Reasons Blogging is Good for Your Business

Blogging is a crucial part of your business and an integral component to your content marketing strategy. It’s how you keep your content fresh, up-to-date, and interesting. It’s what makes people subscribe and come back to your website to see what’s new. It’s how you communicate with your market and gain new business. Here are […]

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