My Winter Reading List

My Winter Reading List


I decided to create a winter reading list this year and I’m hoping it doesn’t blow up in my face. You see, I deal with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) during the winter months, making it difficult for me to focus on many things. The days are shorter and it’s so freaking cold! Many people argue that reading is a great way to help overcome SAD. While that may be true for some, I know it’s not accurate for me. I’m preparing for this winter to be a bit more difficult for me because I’m restricted to zero physical activity until the end of January due to my hysterectomy. Ugh – sitting around the house never seemed so unappealing.

Setting goals during the winter, for me, is very difficult because I have very little motivation. Why set goals only to let them sit and feel bad because I didn’t work toward them? I’m working on this in therapy and decided that I was going to set a small goal this year….hence this list.

That’s it…nothing else is on this list. If I decide to read more than this book, great. If not, I’m not disappointed in myself. It’s a win-win for me and that’s always a good thing.

What is one book you’ve been itching to read?

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My Fall Reading List

My Fall Reading List

I always have a running list of books I want to read. I generally keep this list in my Filofax and on GoodReads but I wanted to share my Fall reading list with you. I’m trying to break my books down into seasons; it makes me feel like I accomplished a good bit of reading…..if I get to actually read the books on my list. This happened with my summer reading list; I didn’t finish one book on that list but I’m still plugging away. I’m hoping I’ll have more time to spend reading since I’m going in for surgery tomorrow (yes, the day before Thanksgiving). I ordered a new book specifically for this occasion and I can’t wait to dive in. So, without further ado, here’s what’s on my Fall reading list.

  • I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones (a carry over from my summer reading list and I’m half finished)
  • Chaos by Patricia Cornwell (this was just released on 11/15 and I ordered a signed copy. Can’t wait to read it!)
  • The Gifts of Imperfection (because self-improvement never goes out of style)
  • A Family Affair: The Wish by Mary Campisi (another carry over; it’s on my iPad that I’m not on much these days)
  • Living Successfully with Screwed Up People by Elizabeth B. Brown (another carry over)

My goal is to spend my recovery time catching up on my leisure reading since I won’t be doing much of anything else. The biggest issue is going to be staying awake long enough to get any reading done. But, that’s what Chaos is for – I can’t ever put the Kay Scarpetta series books down!

I’d love to know what’s on your reading list. Comment below so I can get some ideas of what to add to my winter reading list!

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Summer Reading List


It’s almost August (already!) and I’ve been working on my summer reading list. I haven’t be working on it as diligently as I should have but progress is progress. Each year, I¬†participate in the GoodReads reading challenge, and, unfortunately, I’m way behind. I think I’ve finished one book. Blah…

My Summer Reading List

I Am That Girl* by Alexis Jones
Living Successfully with Screwed Up People by Elizabeth B. Brown
A Family Affair: The Wish by Mary Campisi

Yep, there’s only 3 books on this list because summer, for me, is all about the pool. I wish I could read while in the pool but that’s not possible with my guys.

Reading is one of those activities that I don’t get to do very often. I’m starting to make more time for it because it’s something I truly enjoy. My goal is to create a reading list for each season with just a few books so that I can enjoy one of my favorite activities.

What’s on your summer reading list?

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