Money Management

The Shit I’ve Wasted Money On…

Sometimes I sit back and take stock of the shit I’ve bought and can’t believe I’ve actually wasted money on it! If my husband only knew I’d be in deep shit for years, but, fortunately for me, I’m the one who handles the bills around here. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days […]

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My Favorite Invoicing Platform


As a freelancer, I’m required to submit an invoice for hours and/or projects worked. There are a million and one invoicing solutions available, and I’ve tried a few of them, but I always come back to the same one. Before I tell you which one it is, I want to take a minute and go […]

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Monthly Bill Tracker Printable Insert

Monthly Bill Tracker Printable

As a wife, mother, and freelancer, it’s important for me to keep a very close eye on our finances. I’ve pinned so many great things on Pinterest to help me keep that close eye but there is always something I’m not overly fond of. So, instead, I created my own monthly bill tracker printable insert. […]

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