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5 Website Mistakes to Avoid

Many small business owners are under the impression that building a website is easy because of builders like VistaPrint and GoDaddy. However, it’s not all that easy. Let’s be real….creating successful websites, like anything else, takes skill, talent, and knowledge. If you don’t have these, your site isn’t going to be as successful as it […]

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When to Ask for Help

So, you’ve always wanted to own your own business and be your own boss. But, did you fully realize just what was involved with that? It’s rewarding, demanding, and time-consuming and you may feel overwhelmed. You might be one of those people who doesn’t like to relinquish control because no one can work in your […]

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4 Reasons Blogging is Good for Your Business

Blogging is a crucial part of your business and an integral component to your content marketing strategy. It’s how you keep your content fresh, up-to-date, and interesting. It’s what makes people subscribe and come back to your website to see what’s new. It’s how you communicate with your market and gain new business. Here are […]

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4 MUST HAVES for Your Online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing is essential to your business because 80% of the population accesses the web via a smartphone. If you don’t already have an online marketing strategy, it’s high time you get one. Here are 4 MUST HAVES for your plan. 1. Website It’s important for your business to have a website otherwise you’re not […]

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5 Tips for Building Your Brand

When you first meet someone, you’re thrown into that get-to-know-me stage. How many times have you had nothing to say about yourself? Probably never. Your business should be the same way. You should always have plenty to say about your brand, your business, and what it represents. If you don’t know your business, how are […]

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