Tired of Weight Fluctuations

I’m so tired of my weight going up and down all the time! I never know what the scale is going to say when I step on it in the morning, and I’m really fed up seeing the number go up instead of going down. As a woman, I know that my weight is going to fluctuate, especially during that time of the month, but it’s still so damn frustrating.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to keep pushing when the number goes up. I know, I know. I shouldn’t put so much emphasis on the scale. Let’s me realistic for a minute. Anyone who is committed to losing weight steps on the scale and uses that number to track progress. Don’t try to tell me any different because I know better. 😉

Overall, I feel amazing but I’m totally confused on a couple of things. Maybe you can help me figure them out. Here goes….

  1. How in the hell do I not lose weight when I’m busting my ass? I’m working hard to be under my calorie goal, meet/exceed my burn and step goals. What in the world causes one to gain weight doing all of that when it’s not my time of the month (which, I don’t really have anymore but you probably didn’t need to know that).
  2. I know that drinking water decreases water retention but how much water does one need to actually drink to do that? Sometimes I feel like my insides are floating and all I hear is that damn jiggling sound.

Weight loss is so damn frustrating. Why can’t it be as easy as gaining it? Sometimes I feel like I’m working for nothing. I know that’s not the case but that’s how I feel sometimes. I don’t want to let myself down or fall back into old habits but it’s so easy to just throw in the towel.

Ugh, ok, now that that’s over it’s time to get back to work. Hang there! We all have periods of frustration and discontent but the trick is not giving into them. It’s hard as hell but it’s worth it in the end.