How to Use Google Calendar to Schedule Social Media

Google calendar is a great way to schedule your social media posts to repeat and it’s often overlooked. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars per month on social scheduling platforms like SproutSocial or MeetEdgar, give Google Calendar a try. Here’s how it works…

For this work, you need to have an IFTTT account. Don’t worry – it’s free. What you’re going to do is create applets (formerly recipes) that work with your social platforms and Google calendar. First thing is first – you need to create a new calendar in Google calendar. You can name it whatever you want; I named mine Social Media because, well, that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Create new Google calendar

Once you have your calendar created, head over to IFTTT and create your applet. I use this setup for Twitter mainly but it can be used with LinkedIn and Facebook, too. Anyway, once you’re in IFTTT, click on My Applets, then New Applet.

IFTTT Applet

Next, you need to start the applet. Click on the blue + this to get started.

Choose This

Search for Google Calendar in the search box.

Google calendar

Choose your trigger.


Use a hashtag with the name of the network you want to use to create the applet. For Twitter, your trigger field would be #twitter.

Twitter Trigger

Click the blue + that to proceed.


Choose your action channel.


Choose the action you want.


Choose your ingredients. The text would be the calendar description and the URL would be the calendar Where. You’ll need to use a link shortening service for your links, such as


Once you’ve successfully followed these steps, you’ll click create applet and you’re all set. You’ll need to add your posts to your designated Google calendar as events using the proper hashtag. Follow these same steps for each network. Each post should look something like this on your calendar:

Post on Calendar

The best part about all of this is it’s FREE! Your posts will repeat on certain days at specific times for as long as you tell them to. There is one caveat with this – it does not support sharing images as attachments. For example, if you wanted to set up a recurring post on Facebook with an image and a bit of content, you can’t use this method because it won’t work. The same is true for Twitter. The only way this works is if your image is a URL. Don’t think you can upload an image to Google calendar in the attachment area and it will post because it won’t.

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