What Causes Your Thighs to Tingle?No matter what kind of exercise I do, I always get a tingling sensation in my thighs afterward. I’ve always wondered why but I haven’t been able to find a decent explanation for it. So, I did what any other normal, rational, logical person would do – I created my own explanation. You see, I’m one of those inquisitive people who has a question to ask about everything. I’d love to know where the fat goes when it’s “lost”. Yeah, I know the scientific answer is that it’s sweat out of the body, but I want more.

After each workout, when I feel my thighs tingle, my mind automatically envisions the fat cells screaming in agony because they’re dying. Morbid, you say? Well, maybe just a little. But, it works for me. I love the feeling of my thighs tingling because I know what I’m doing is working.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel this tingling all over but at least I feel it somewhere. I’ve Googled this several times and can’t find a definitive answer. I can definitely handle a tingling in my thighs after a workout as long as nothing is wrong.

I don’t feel this tingling when I’m just leisurely walking; it’s only when my workout is more intense. I always feel it after hiking and after every kettle bell workout I do.

Do you ever feel a tingling in your thighs or legs?

Image credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net