I decided to create a winter reading list this year and I’m hoping it doesn’t blow up in my face. You see, I deal with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) during the winter months, making it difficult for me to focus on many things. The days are shorter and it’s so freaking cold! Many people argue that reading is a great way to help overcome SAD. While that may be true for some, I know it’s not accurate for me. I’m preparing for this winter to be a bit more difficult for me because I’m restricted to zero physical activity until the end of January due to my hysterectomy. Ugh – sitting around the house never seemed so unappealing.

Setting goals during the winter, for me, is very difficult because I have very little motivation. Why set goals only to let them sit and feel bad because I didn’t work toward them? I’m working on this in therapy and decided that I was going to set a small goal this year….hence this list.

That’s it…nothing else is on this list. If I decide to read more than this book, great. If not, I’m not disappointed in myself. It’s a win-win for me and that’s always a good thing.

What is one book you’ve been itching to read?